Edipro Finland/Tekstimylly Oy: services in localization and translation into Finnish from English and Scandinavian languages, editing in Finnish etc.

29 years in business.


* Large long-term translation projects
* Point-to-point base text translations
* Localization
* Layouting
* Editing
* Proofreading, review and quality assurance reporting of translations
* Subtitling and translation of subtitles for video files

Our Main Target Language is Finnish. Our Primary Source Languages are English, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Also authorised translations (court certified) from English to Finnish according to Finnish law “Laki auktorisoiduista kääntäjistä 7.12.2007/1231”.

We use PC CAT programs such as Trados and Multiterm, Wordfast, memoQ, and others. Internet access is by redundant VDSL2/UMTS (HSPA) broadband connections.

Software LOCALIZATION services: we do computer software, electronic device and Web site lingual localizations with Finnish as Target Language and preferably English as the Source Language.

Our working hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 17 PM Finnish local time which is UTC plus 2 hours (during daylight saving time 3 hours).

In special cases we can do translations on over weekend basis by special order and with an additional rush job fee.

To show You what we are capable of, here are some examples of previous productions:

The World of Science and Encyclopedia of World Geography: Original layout from the customer in QuarkXpress format, illustrations in Freehand format. The text was translated from Danish, Swedish and English source languages into Finnish which was then replaced into the layout. Completed files was sent to the customer on a SyQuest 270 MB movable media.

Tieteen Kuvalehti, the magazine "Illustrated Science": Original layouts as above, but sent from and to the customer via ISDN connection with QuickMail program continuously as the work proceeded. Source language mainly Danish.

Books: Original layouts as above, but sent from and to the customer by SyQuest media. Source language for Arthur C. Clarke's A-Z of Mysteries" English. Source language for "The Big Christmas Book" Danish and Swedish.

Examples of other projects: Offset Printing machine accessory equipment manuals for a Japanese customer. Source language English. CD-ROM computer software on-line-help localization for a Taiwanese customer. Source language English. User's Manuals for Air hoods and powered respirator systems for a customer in Netherlands. Source language English. A vocabulary list of restaurant menu for a customer in Creek. Source language English.


Exact rates for any work of this kind are impossible to give in advance because the context as well as lingual and technical quality of the Source Text vary so much from one assignment to another. Other important variables are the difficulty level of the text, required conformance with predetermined glossaries and translation memories and the time given by the customer for us to do the job. The price, deadlines, basis for billing and means of payment must have been agreed to before we start the actual job.

We prefer Trados for counting the size of the assignment:

The words in the Source Text are calculated by Trados. We then give our offer for the job based on price per each word in the source context. When this has been settled by the purchaser, we then invoice the whole job by words in the Source Text, usually after the customer has accepted the whole delivery.

This way the customer can always calculate the final cost of any job very precisely in advance and properly evaluate our offer.

Here are some samples of our list prices which can serve as basis for an actual quote:

Normal context complexity and difficulty level translation from English into Finnish:

Translation (per source word)0.10 EUR

Trados discount prices EUR
100% Matches (*)0.01
95% - 99%0.02
85% - 94%0.03
75% - 84%0.04
50% - 74%0.06
No Match0.10
(* billed if need checking and/or correction)

Typical medical/patent/legal/software UI translation from English into Finnish:

Translation (per source word)0.12 EUR

Trados discount prices EUR
100% Matches (*)0.01
95% - 99%0.04
85% - 94%0.05
75% - 84%0.06
50% - 74%0.08
No Match0.12
(* billed if need checking and/or correction)

Review/editing/proofreading QA/terminology check (á hour)35 EUR

For jobs of over 5,000 no match words, mass discounts of 5-10% may be offered.

Rush job fee for working over the weekend is +20%.

These prices include one round of review and editing for post DTP (in layout, for example PDF, Web page, test software for UI, etc.) material previously translated by us free of charge, performed by the original translator or someone else at Edipro Finland.

Any additional review and editing after any changes of content or format by the client, whether before or after the DTP stage, will be billed hourly.

Also any review/editing/proofreading where a different linguist than the translator is required by the client, will be billed hourly.

What about VAT?

We do not add any Value Added Tax in our prices when work is sold outside Finland. The purchaser's home country can be inside European Union or outside it and there is still no difference in this.

For jobs done inside Finland we have to add 24 percent VAT to any price when invoicing. This in case that Finland is also the home country of the customer.

VAT registered, VAT Number FI06687069, in VIES.


Standard payment time is 30 days from the date of the invoice. Default interest 8.5%, SEPA Credit Transfer payments preferred, but payment via SWIFT wire transfer, Skrill, PayPal or bank (not personal) cheque also accepted. Payer bears all own costs for SWIFT-payments (SHA or OUR terms).

For certain payment methods and total amounts we have to charge invoicing surcharges. These charges can be waived for under 30 EUR or 45 USD amounts, if the project can be invoiced together with something else within a month from delivery:

Payment method Surcharge
SEPA paymentnone
Skrillunder 35 EUR = 1.80 EUR, 35 EUR or more = none
Skrillunder 45 USD = 2.50 USD, 45 to 699.99 USD = none, 700 USD or more = 1%
SWIFT (SHA terms)under 35 EUR = 6.75 EUR, 35 EUR or more = none
SWIFT (SHA terms)under 45 USD = 9.50 USD, 45 USD or more = none
Bank chequeunder 35 EUR = 15.00 EUR, 35 to 374.99 EUR = none, 375 EUR or more = 0.4%
Bank chequeunder 45 USD = 18.50 USD, 45 USD or more = none
PayPalunder 185 EUR = none, 185 EUR or more = 3.4%
PayPalunder 185 USD = none, 185 USD or more = 4.9%

Previous productions

A series of 24 books 128 pages each. Title in Finnish: TIETEEN MAAILMA. Original English title: The World of Science, publisher Equinox Ed., Andromeda Ltd., Oxford. Publisher for the Finnish edition: Bonniers Specialmagasiner A/S, Copenhagen. Translation completed by us in 1990 -1995. Source languages: English, Danish and Swedish.

A series of 24 books 128 pages each. Title in Finnish: MAAILMA TÄNÄÄN. Original English title: Encyclopedia of World Geography, publisher Marshall Cavendish, U.S.A. The original series planned and produced by Andromeda Oxford Ltd. Publisher for the Finnish edition: Bonniers Specialmagasiner A/S, Copenhagen. Total serie of 24 books translated by us.

A monthly Science Magazine TIETEEN KUVALEHTI. Original Danish title Illustreret Videnskab, Swedish Illustrerad Vetenskap, Norwegian Illustreret Vitenskab, German Illustrierte Wissenschaft, French Science Illustreé. The Finnish 84 page edition translated by us from Danish and Swedish editions years 1987 - 1995.

A 288 pages book “Rocks & Fossils" by Arthur B. Busbey III, Robert R. Coenraads, Paul Willis and David Roots , published by  Welldon Owen Pty Limited. Publisher of the Finnish edition Gummerus Kustannus Oy 1999. Source language English. Translated into Finnish by Tekstimylly Oy in with Terra Firma Oy.

A 166 pages book "Gummeruksen suuri JUUSTOKIRJA" (A Complete Illustrated Guide to the Cheeses of the World by Juliett Harbutt). Original publisher Annes Publishing Limited 1999. Publisher of the Finnish edition Gummerus Kustannus Oy 2000. Translated into Finnish from English source books by Tekstimylly Oy in 2000.

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